A new and exciting startup / Summer 2013
Branding, UX and UI design for this new and exciting startup that aims to connect companies with the public to promote and execute green projects worldwide.


Exhibition Poster

"Finding New Hope" / Spring 2013
Avi designed this poster for the 2013 Fresh Paint annual event.
The exhibition was held to note the 30th anniversary of Globes financial newspaper. This design reflects the transcendence of financial hopes in Israel over the last three decades. The shift from the dove and olive branch to Leviathan and Tamar (the hebrew names of the primary natural gas enterprises that started supplying gas in 2013 - Whale and Date).

Menchie’s Smile World

Tablet and mobile app / Spring 2013
UX, UI design, 3D work, animations and production of this puzzle game app for Menchie's.



Mobile App / Winter 2013
Branding, UX and UI design for a social mobile game.

R&D 09

Some R&D / Winter 2013
Study of pentagon based patterns.


Alef Alef Alef

Experimental clip / Summer 2012
Done in collaboration with the hebrew type foundry Alef Alef Alef, this clip features a font named "Local" (Mekomi) in a short poem with local
environmental context.
Music by Spark-O.

Sultan of Sound

Logotype / Summer 2012
The logotype we designed for the London based sound design and composition studio. Broader branding and website design should follow soon.


Facebook App / Spring 2012
UX, UI design and production of this branded painter app for the world's largest and fastest-growing frozen yogurt franchise company.
Developed by Neocode.

R&D 08

Some R&D / Spring 2012
A loose interpretation of a Uroboros symbol
(a snake that swallows its own tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity).
An animated 3D version is in production.


Rumble Tablet App

Design / Spring 2012
Rumble is a cool and sassy social reader for tablets that provides a simple style environment to explore, read and share your favorite daily news and blogs content. We branded Rumble and designed the UX and UI for the app.
Stay tuned for the mobile version.

Bezalel Facebook App

Facebook App UX and Design / Winter 2012
Commissioned by Y&R Tel Aviv, this app was launched as a part of the registration campaign for the Bezalel art and design academy.
The app allows students and alumni alike to post their work.
UX, UI, U name it. Developed by Neocode.


R&D 07

Another batch of R&D work / Winter 2012
Including some scraps that we can't really show anywhere else.
Plus, a new edition of our bomber pattern, relevant as ever.


Branding, Website and App Design / Fall 2011
Vidoco is a social video diary service. We branded it, did the UX and the UI for the App and the website that features extended options.


BMUSE Futurity Ventures

Logotype Design / Fall 2011
BMUSE is an American technology hub that's all about innovation and inspiration. They approached us to design a logotype that conveys that.
The video features some of the research and development we did for the logo and for potential brand graphics.

Club SEAT Israel

Facebook Application Design / Summer 2011
We were approached by Grey Israel to design a Facebook application for the Israeli Club SEAT dedicated to party people. We designed a custom made logotype (which was based on the SEAT logotype), icons, layouts, interactivity and 3D artwork for achieving a complete party-till-you-drop experience.

Goozy / Goozy Star

Branding, Product Development and Prototype Design / Summer 2011
Goozy is an American brand developing a cool, easy-to-use, meant-for-anyone, content-oriented web-based product. For a preliminary branding process which involved Logotype Design, Graphics and User Experience Design for the product's prototype, we went for a fun, friendly and popped approach based on the common sticky note. 



Website Architecture and Design / Spring 2011
As a part of a collaboration with studio Gimel2, we designed the architecture, UX and graphic layout of Gisha's new website. 

Icon Collection

A selection of icons we designed over the past couple of years
The pigeon and the megaphone icons in the first image © Blue-Goo.

Logo Collection

A batch of logos we designed over the past couple of years
Top three logotypes © Blue-Goo. Stay tuned, more logos coming soon.


R&D 06

Some typographic R&D work / Winter 2011
If things get rough, sugarcoat.

McCann Erickson Israel’s New Website

Site Architecture, Interactive Design and Website Design / Winter 2011
We collaborated with McCann Erickson Israel to create a new version of their website to better suite rich and extensive content.

Anat Propper Goldenberg

Branding, Catalogue Design, Invitations, Business cards / Fall 2010
We designed a catalogue, invitations (printed and digital) and business cards for the artist's "perversion of the scar" exhibition. A continuation of our previous branding work.

R&D 05

A fresh batch of R&D work / Summer 2010
Some typographical experiments with gently crafted vulgar content.


Gincosan’s Facebook App

Branding, Graphic Design and Interactive Design / Summer 2010
A simple Facebook game called "Face Your Friends" that challenges your grey matter.

Suddenly A Knock On the Door

Cover Design, Illustration / Spring 2010
Avi did the artwork and design for Etgar Keret’s new book.
The concept here was to illustrate the pending life changing potential of a metaphorical knock on the door.

Israel Electric Corp. Website Pitch

Website Architecture, Interactive Design, Website Design and
Branding Touch-up
/ Spring 2010
The work on this pitch was done in collaboration with McCann Erickson Israel. We went for a fresh, friendly and approachable digital presence for IEC (Israel Electric Corp.) by implementing many tools and features dedicated for the company's large array of everyday users.

Shobo™ for Facebook

Branding, Graphic Design and Interactive Design for facebook
/ Spring 2010
A Beta version of Shobo™ for facebook launched.


R&D 04

A fresh batch of R&D works / Winter 2010
This time we gave typography and motion some focus, crafting the typography in 2D then smashing it in 3D. We also modeled a batch of 17th century ship parts and experimented with composing them all together.

McCann Erickson Israel

Brand Graphics, Logo, Website Design / Winter 2010
The idea for the brand graphics made for the client, Israel’s top advertising agency, was to create a limited number of simple shapes (with assorted textures and colors) that can create anything once working together, in accordance to the client’s brand values. Then came the logo, then we designed the client’s corporate website around it. Finally we animated everything.

‘Les Cravates par Hermès’

Tie Pattern Design / Winter 2010
Designboom has initiated a tie design contest for Hermès Paris.
The top design was shortlisted.


Roshumbo Games

Branding / Winter 2010
A game company which incorporates a classic one-on-one board-game approach with games played in the latest digital arenas

Sally – Salary Forecast Software

Branding, UI Design / Fall 2009
For this project we were asked to brand and design an online application for salary forecast management.

R&D 03

A fresh Batch of R&D works / Fall 2009
Applying 3D tools to 2D detailed artwork.

Anat Propper Goldenberg

Logotype, Website Design / Fall 2009
We designed the logotype and website. We incorporated a long scrollable format for the artist’s online portfolio. It will launch soon.

The Time

Graphic and Interactive Design for Corporate Website / Summer 2009
We designed the clients’ website and expanded their existing brand to accommodate it.


XL Black

Branding, Package Design / Summer 2009
A pitch for a line of energy drinks. The idea was creating a design to fit a line of the product dedicated to party people, so we went for a “creatures of the night” theme. Via McCann Erickson Israel.

R&D 02

Exlibris Design / Summer 2009
We decided to re-organize our shelves and ended up with new ex-libris ink stamps. That way order is served and we have an excuse to design it.[gallery]

Sport City

Logotype / Spring 2009
We were commissioned to design a logotype for an all-sports and sport related lifestyle annual event

Kotex Exchange

Branding, Interactive Design / Spring 2009
Branding and interactive design for an online community. The idea here was to create the environment for a time-sharing community for women.
Via McCann Erickson Israel.


Artwork, Graphic design / Winter 2009
This work was done for a pitch promoting a line of HP laptops.
Via McCann Erickson Israel.


R&D 01

A fresh Batch of R&D works / Winter 2009
The goal: R&D. The excuse: the approaching hebrew holidays. the means: 2d typography going all 3D and stuff.


Blue Goo Tel Aviv is a graphic design and branding studio founded in January 2009. The studio is headed by two partners, Alon and Avi, both highly experienced professionals in graphic design, interactivity and art direction. Our expertise go far beyond pure graphical execution. We provide a full spectrum of communication design solutions covering creative conceptualization, market research, interactive design and graphic design. We base our practice on a well-developed methodology combining tradition with innovation.

Avi Neeman
Creative Director & Chief Designer, Partner

Avi graduated from the Bezalel Acedemy in 2005, majoring in graphic and typographic design. His art direction and graphic design experience spans over varied fields of the trade. During the recent years Avi worked on many local and international projects focusing on graphic and interactive design, among them: Shobo, HP, vodka.com, MRM Worldwide, amdocs, Israel’s national museum, Stanton, etc.

Alon David
CEO and Interactive Director, Partner

Alon graduated with Highest Honors from the School of Visual Arts in NYC in the Computer Art Department in 2001. He gained his professional and commercial experience in 3D modeling and animation, VFX and compositing, graphic design, flash and interactive design.
He has worked in various studios in NYC, Vancouver, Toronto and Israel.